Accepted Position papers

The accepted position papers are available below.

Applied Theater for Developing Participatory Design Fictions in Virtual Reality [PDF]
Joshua A. Fisher, Sandjar Kozubaev

Blur – Challenging Virtual-Reality’s Sense of Reality [PDF]
Tianbai Jia, Zehua Chen, Shuyu Gao

Critical Design Fictions of Sustainable Development: Beyond technological optimism [PDF]
Gavin Melles

Designing the experience of a mindful retail shop through m00-tion in VR [PDF]
Isun A Kazerani

Immersive Design Fiction for Experiential Futures in the Classroom [PDF]
Joshua McVeigh-Schultz

Surfacing Hidden Histories and Relations Using Design Fictions in VR [PDF]
Andrew Burrell, Ali Chalmers Braithwaite

Towards a Framework for Probing Future Urban Technologies in Google Street View [PDF]
Marius Hoggenmueller

“Turn Inward”: Co-Designing for Self-Transformation Using Immersive Design Fiction [PDF]
Kristina Mah, Luke Hespanhol, Lian Loke

Statement of Interest [PDF]
Estela Victoria Suarez

Statement of Interest [PDF]
Sharmistha Bhattacharya